Swisscubing Cup 2019


Swisscubing Cup I

5. – 6. January 2019
Sonvico TI

Swisscubing Cup II

13. – 14. April 2019
Ecublens VD

Swisscubing Cup III

29. – 30. June 2019
Oberwil BL

Swisscubing Cup IV

24. – 25. August 2019
Neuchâtel NE

Swisscubing Cup V

19. – 20. October 2019
Schaffhausen SH


7. – 8. December 2019
Hünenberg ZG

Current Ranking

About the Swisscubing Cup 2019

The Swisscubing Cup 2019 consists of six competitions all around Switzerland. During the course of the Swisscubing Cup 2019, each WCA-Event will be hold at least twice. The competitors placements will be summarized in a point-system and this results in the Swisscubing Cup 2019 ranking.

The tournament is divided into two phases. The qualification and the final.

The five competitions before the final are the qualification. In the qualification phase competitors gain points, and the best 12 competitors qualify to the final.

In the Swisscubing Cup Final 2019 the best 12 competitors compete to win the title.
If somebody from top-12 can’t compete, the next competitor will replace them.
Since the final is also a WCA competition, everybody is allowed to compete, but only the finalists can win prizes.


More informations can be found in the following document: