Help & FAQ

Speedcubing is about solving the Rubiks Cube and other puzzles as fast as possible. May this be with two hands, one hand or even blindfolded. Speedcubers are competiting in competitions (more of that below) all around the world.

Swisscubing is the official Swiss Speedcubing Association. The goals of Swisscubing are to spread Speedcubing in Switzerland and organize competitions regularly.

More information about Swisscubing can be found under About Swisscubing.

Yes, of course! The only things you need is a Rubiks Cube itself, a tutorial and a little bit of patience.

Rubiks Cube

If you do not have a Rubiks Cube yet, take a look at our shop-overview.


Beginner-friendly tutorials for the Rubiks Cube and other puzzle can be found under Tutorials.


Now you only need some time and patience. Try to go step-by-step through the tutorials until the puzzle is solved. If something doesn’t work out don’t give up but try again and again. With enough will and motivation you will, sooner or later, get it solved! If you solved it a couple of times with the tutorial, learn the steps by themselves. If you’ve also done that, you can start tracking your time and get faster and faster.

Unabhängig davon wie lange du brauchst um den Zaubwürfel zu lösen, würden wir uns freuen dich auf einer Competition begrüssen zu dürfen. Weitere Informationen dazu findest du unter der Competition-Hilfe.

Awesome! You want to buy a Rubiks Cube. We recommend to visit a Swiss Online-Shop. The prices are low and the shipping is a lot faster than when you’d order from a foreign shop. And most importantly, you support the Swiss Speedcubing Community!

You can find more information under Shops.

Competitions are events where speedcubers solve twisty puzzles as fast as possible. In the common 3×3 Cube event you have five attempts per round. To calculate the average, the best and worst solves are taken away and the average of the remaining three solves is the one that decides your placement.

More about competitions can be found here.