Ticino Open 2021

Date: 06/07 November 2021
Address: Via Campagnola 13, 6852 Genestrerio
Organizers: Mattia Pasquini and Swisscubing
WCA Delegates: Oleg Grisenko and Tobias Peter
Events: 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, Clock, Pyraminx, Square-1

This is a twin competition with Ticino Open Saturday 2021 and Ticino Open Sunday 2021. You may only register for one of these two competitions.
Please check the COVID page of this competition. In particular, we require that you show us a COVID certificate. Having this certificate is compulsory for all participants and guests.

There is a limit of one guest per competitor.

Ticino Open Saturday 2021

Ticino Open Sunday 2021