Swiss Speedcubing Online-Shops

Cubeshop Switzerland offers a versatile selection
on current Speedcubes at reasonable prices.
Besides competent customer service, Cubeshop scores with low shipping costs and fast delivery.

The Speedcubing Online-Shop of Thomas Stadler offers a wide range of products at low prices. In addition to stands at some Swiss competitions can also be ordered online.

Fabitasia is the Swiss Cube-Shop with low prices and a big range of products. You can buy cubes in the online-shop or at some competitions in Switzerland.

More Online-Shops

The american online-shop has a lot of products. The newest cubes can be preorder.  Delivery takes between 5 and 10 days, depending on the order.

Speedcubeshop also has a big assortment. With the Cosmic-Brand they sell magentized and pre-lubed puzzles. Delivery cost and time are worse compared to Swiss shops.