Swisscubing Cup IV 2019 Review

The fourth qualification competition of the Swisscubing Cup 2019 took place in Neuchâtel from the 24th to the 25th of August.

While many newcomers made their first official attempts, others travelled to get a place in the final. Of the 12 final places after 3 out of 5 qualifying tournaments, only 2-3 of them were already assigned for the finals.

On Saturday the first final was in Skewb. Swiss champion Dominik Fürer secured a superior victory with an average time of 3.91 seconds! Without this stupid Z Perm in the last attempt, the Swiss record might have been beaten. Nevertheless a great performance! Second was Tobias Peter, in front of Anael Champion.

In the 5×5 final the victory was more controversial. In the end Tobias won ahead of Fabian Löhle and Alessio Giuliano. The podium in the 6×6 final was made up of the same people, but in a slightly different order. Fabian won with an average of just over 2 minutes ahead of Tobias and Alessio.

We went on with 3×3 blindfolded. Valentin Lanz won with a time of 40 seconds just ahead of Tobias (43s). Hannah Minas flipped the wrong edge in a 42s attempt, but took 3rd place with another attempt. In the 3×3 with feet final Samuel Jehanno won 10 seconds ahead of Hannah. Another half minute behind followed Dominik, just in front of Tobias.

On Sunday it continued with the “main events”. In Pyraminx Diego Alfonso won with a top performance and an average of 2.45 seconds! Hannah and Dominik completed the podium. Fourth was Carlo Glod with a new Luxembourg record (not his only one this weekend).

The final in one-handed solving was just as clear in the outcome. Tobias won with an average of 13.70 seconds ahead of Alessio (16.68s) and Anael (19.87s). In the 4×4 final it went up and down. In the end Tobias won against Fabian and Alessio. Only a short time behind Ben Zwicky got fourth, like in 5×5 and 6×6.

The 2×2 final was characterized by good scrambles. Benjamin Lippsmeier missed the victory only because of a 2s penalty and finished second ahead of Tobias. The winner was Anael Champion from France. In the head-to-head final in 3×3 the favourite won once again. The clear winner was Alessio (8.47s) ahead of Tobias (9.98s) and the surprising Christian Meyer (11.92s).

A look at the Swisscubing Cup ranking after 4/5 qualifying tournaments still shows an interesting situation. Tobias (692 points), Reto Bubendorf (295) and Alessio (293.5) are as good as qualified. Oleg Gritsenko (198) also has good chances with currently ranking fourth and MultiBLD as a special event in the 5th qualifying tournament.

New in the top 12 are Ben (193), Fabian (188) and Hannah (181), who are ranked 5-7. In addition to those three, Dominik (157) also has good chances to qualify for the final with currently ranking 8th. Behind them, the situation becomes more uncertain, although Valentin Lanz (13th / 136), thanks to MultiBLD in SC5, still has a chance of jumping into the top 12.

We hope to welcome as many of you as possible to the Swisscubing Cup V in Schaffhausen (19-20 October), when Clock and MultiBLD as special events will be held to determine the final places.

The final with all events will take place on December 7th/8th in Hünenberg ZG and is open for all. As always, you can find more information here: