• Fabitasia

    Fabitasia is the Swiss cube shop with the lowest prices. The cubes are available in almost all Swiss competitions and in the online shop.

  • Speedcubing Shop


    The Speedcubing Online-Shop from Thomas Stadler has a big and versatile selection. Cubes and equipment are available in the online shop and at the booth in many Swiss competitions. The fast delivery is an advantage.

  • cubeshop.ch


    The third Swiss Cubeshop is cubeshop.ch. The assortment contains older cubes which mostly aren’t available anymore in the other shops. If you’re looking for an older cube you’re at the right place. Online service an fast delivery is guaranteed.

  • Cubikon

    cubikon logo

    This German shop has always the newest cubes. Is possible to order online or sometimes there’s a booth at german competitions.

  • TheCubicle.us


    The American online shop TheCubicle.us has a big selection of everything Cubing. The newest Cubes can mostly be pre-ordered there. The duration of the shipment varies between 4 and 7 work days.

  • Cubezz


    The low prices compensate the long duration of shipment. Cubes and equipment can be bought for not much money directly from China. The delivery takes about 1 month.

  • hknowstore


    This is the place for special cubes. At the hknowstore from Hong Kong can the newest Special Puzzles be delivered to Switzerland for a good price.