Swisscubing was founded on the 1st of January 2017 and now, its first year is already over.

12 competitions all over Switzerland led to 689 participations. As many as never before!

This year, Swisscubing held the first Swisscubing Cup. After competitions in Cadro TI, Schenkon LU, Saint-Maurice VS and Liestal BL, Reto Bubendorf earned the title as the winner of the Swisscubing Cup 2017.
You can look up the full ranking here:

We witnessed 71 National Records, of which a few are close to being world class. As example we have the 2.94s Pyraminx average (WR21 as of 26.08.17) by Alwin Rölz or Richard Delacoste’s 28.35s 4×4 single (WR47 as of 10.06.17), Reto Bubendorf with his 3x3x3 FM solution in 21 moves (WR8 as of 01.04.2017) or Manuel Bühler with a 54.98 average in Megaminx (WR45 as of 13.07.2017).

Really big highlights of the year were the first two Sub-6 Solves for Switzerland. After Reto Bubendorf surprisingly pulled out a 5.89s Solve in the German Nationals 2017 Final, Richard Delacoste smashed that record with 5.61 seconds (WR30 as of 14.10.17) at the Suisse Toy Fast Fingers 2017 in Bern.

Switzerland was way more than a guest at the World Championships 2017 in Paris. With two finals-participations for Alwin Rölz (pyraminx and feet) and one for Manuel Bühler (megaminx), our nation was as good as in no previous world championships . However, because of the overall high level, Switzerland did not get any podium as opposed to 2015 (Reto Bubendorf 3rd place in Pyraminx).
Unfortunately, in the first edition of the Nations Cup, Switzerland didn’t do that well. Effectively, both teams lost in the first round (CH1 against Mexico1 and CH2 against Malaysia2).

The last competition of the year was the Swiss Nationals 2017 where we got to witness some incredible surprises. The biggest of all was without any doubt Yannic Waser’s victory in Skewb.
All results of the Swiss Nationals 2017 can be found here:
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We gladly use this opportunity to refer to our Facebook-Page where we announce competitions, keep you up to date with the latest National Records and tell you all the news about Swisscubing.

2017 was a hell of a year and we’d like to thank everybody who was involved in Speedcubing in Switzerland in any form.

We look forward to an even more awesome 2018!

Your Swisscubing Board

The young talent from Monthey carries the new title of Swiss champion 2017 with a winning time of 8.33 seconds. Already in the first round he made an amazing performance by equalizing the Swiss record of 8.15 seconds. Thereby, he supersedes Robin Tschümperlin who also made big improvements by doing an average of 8.89 seconds (last year 10.10 seconds were enough for him to win). The surprise of the day was made by Alwin Rölz who made his first score under 10 seconds (9.74 seconds precisely) in the finals, and thus, achieved the third place at this year’s national championship !

All results of the competition are available here.

We also congratulate all the other swiss champions who were able to stand out in one of the 18 events.

Four members of Swisscubing took part at the Cité des Jeux games festival in Martigny.
During two days, they introduced spectators to the wonderful world of Speedcubing.

Enthousiasm was huge when Richard Delacoste, Alessio Giuliano and Reto Bubendorf
managed to break UNRs (ed. Unofficial National Records). The concerned events are :
– Team solves
– Factory solves
– Mini-Guilford challenge.

We are already excited for the next edition of the festival !



During the game show Suisse Toy Fast Fingers 2017, a new swiss record of 5.61 seconds was established by the young Richard Delacoste. Thereby, he undermatched the precedent record (Reto Bubendorf, 5.89 seconds) by over a quarter of a second.

We address him our biggest compliments and hope that he still got a few surprises for us in the future !

Last weekend was held a game festival at the Musée Suisse du Jeu, in La-Tour-de-Peilz, named “Châteaux des Jeux”. Also present : Swisscubing !

Vice-President Reto Bubendorf and member Alessio Giuliano maintained a speedcubing booth there. Some people came accross by hazard, others were there for testing out new games, and in a few cases people came specifically for our stand. Both large and small had a lot of fun !


The Swisscubing Cup 2017 III was held in Saint-Maurice. Saint-Maurice is located in the Kanton Wallis directly at the border to Kanton Waadt. Among the 37 participants are therefore  serveral French and people from French speaking Switzerland.  The Venue was a big room in the local school with a lot of space and nice light.


The Events consisted like always out of the main events (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 3×3 Blindfolded, 3×3 One-Handed and Pyraminx) and the two special events (5×5 und 7×7).


Fabian Löhle 7×7 NR Single: 3:14.50
Fabian Löhle 7×7 NR Mean: 3:25.55

Noteworthy is also the narrowly missed  5×5 Average NR. Fabian Löhle missed with 1:12.60 the current NR of Micha Zahnd by only 0.02 Sekunden!


In the overall ranking of the Swisscubing-Cups emerges a relativly obvious victory of Reto Bubendorf. The fight about the places 2-5 is going to be very exciting because everybody lies within 75 points of each other.

The ranking of the Swisscubing  Cup 2017 can be seen HERE.

All results can be found HERE .


The Swisscubing Cup 2017 II took place in Schenkon a calm village in Central Switzerland. The multi-purpose hall of the school building provided much space for the 55 participents.


The events were composed out of the basic events (2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 3×3 Blindfolded, 3×3 one-handed and Pyraminx) and two two special events (6×6 and 3×3 with feet).


Robin Tschümperlin 4×4 NR Average – 34.90s
Fabian Löhle 6×6 NR Single – 2:13.58s
Fabian Löhle 6×6 NR Mean – 2:23.06s
Reto Bubendorf 3×3 with feet NR Mean – 1:16.45s


The ranking of the Swisscubing  Cup 2017 can be seen HERE .

All results can be found HERE

The first Swisscubing Cup 2017 event took place in Cadro (near Lugano) and was a complete success.
The Venue in Cadro’s former municipal chancery offered plenty of room for the 42 participants and a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere arose. Thanks to the great use of Lorenzo Spinelli, who ran a stand with food and drinks, there was no lack of food.

The day started with the first attempt in the 5×5

Blindfolded. Oleg Gritsenko was the only one to achieve success with a world class time of 8 minutes and 32.64 seconds.
Next it went with the 4×4. Not suprisingly won Richard Delacoste with an average time of 41.79 seconds. However, behind him it was comparatively close. Position 2 to 9 were within 5 seconds, while the Dutchman Guus de Wit secured second place with 45.00 seconds. On the third place Tobias Peter managed 45.65 seconds.
For the 3×3 One-Handed participated 25 people. The winner was Sebastiano Tronto from Italy with an average of 16.26 seconds. 2nd place went to Tobias Peter (18.09 seconds) and place 3 to Giorgio Zonta (18.86 seconds).
Shortly before the lunch break the second attempt of 5×5 Blindfolded was to be held, in which however no one brought to a success.

After the deserved break, the participants took part in the first round of the main event 3×3. The 12 runners with the fastest average are in the final. Among these 12 people were 6 Swiss, 5 Italians and 1 Dutchman at the end of the round. With 12.63 seconds, Theo Mayer finished 12th and secured the last place in the final.
Then the next event was Pyraminx. Reto Bubendorf won as expected. After his three first solves were on the right track to the National Record (3.29 seconds), the last two were doing less well and the average rose to 3.95 seconds. Alessandro Fava from Italy finished second with an average of 4.92 seconds. Theo Mayer was surprisingly third with a personal best performance (5.22 seconds).
In addition to the 3×3, the 2×2 event had the most participants. 37 participants from 5 nations competed. With a very good average of 2.40 seconds, Reto Bubendorf also won. Lorenzo Mauro (3.26 seconds) finished second and third was the organizer of the competition Luca Rizzi. With 3.33 he set a personal record.

Since the 5×5 Blindfolded has not gone very well for most, the hopes were on the 3×3 Blindfolded Event. And we were not disappointed. After all, more than half of the participants had at least one successful attempt. Sebastiano Tronto won with a time of 35.09 seconds. As with all Blindfolded events, the memorization as well as the Solve time is also included here. With 45.13 seconds also the second place was very fast. This was Oleg Gritsenko from Russia. Lorenzo Mauro finished third with 1 minute and 16.94 seconds.
In addition to the 5×5 Blindfolded, Megaminx was the second special event. Manuel Bühler was the clear favorite for the win. He did justice to this favorite role. Despite with one, for him bad, average time of 1 minute and 2.95 seconds, he was first with an over 9 seconds gap. The second and third place went to two Italians. Marco Rota (1: 12.76) and Lorenzo Mauro (1: 15.53).

Before the 3×3 final 6 participants tried again on the 5×5 Blindfolded. However, no success again. The disappointment was correspondingly big, because one could expect the very first 5×5 Blindfolded success for Switzerland. However, one can say that one was already further away from it and it certainly will not be long.

The highlight of the day came to the end. The 3×3 finals were performed as head-to-head. Two contestants (ranked 12th from the top), in front of numerous audiences, competed against each other. But look for yourself how it went 🙂

Luca Rizzi and Swisscubing would like to thank all participants and spectators for the great tournament and the great debut in the Swisscubing Cup 2017 Competition series.
The current ranking can be found here: Swisscubing Cup 2017 Ranking